Valentines day dress code 14th february 2014
Valentineís Day will celebrate on every year February 14th by all lovers in the whole world. That lovers day very special for each and everyone to share their love to other one.
Valentines day dress code 14th february 2014
On that day February 14th every year all peoples should follow the dress code color for meet every one. Here we share the Lover Day Dress Code 2014 for those who waiting to share the feeling with each other.
Valentineís Day 2014 Dress Code:

Green colour - Ready to accept ur love / I am waiting for New proposal
Pink colour - Now I am accepting your love or just accepted a love
Blue colour - I am free searching for a loving heart
White colour - I am in love or engaged with love donít disturb me
Red colour - I hate love or leave me single
Black colour - I never accept your love or break up
Yellow colour - Love failure

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